Yoga Instruction

Hot Yoga Flow
Wednesdays 7-8 AM
Peace, Love, & Yoga, Carlsbad, CA
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Spirit & Strength
Mondays 5:30 – 6:45 PM
Soul of Yoga
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Power Yoga
Tuesdays 8:30 – 9:30 AM
LA Fitness – Vista, CA location

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at Bergamot Spa, Encinitas, CA:

Stress Relief
A class for beginners, focusing on the basic principles of
form and alignment.
Flow YogaAn intermediate/advanced vinyasa (flow) class in an
eclectic Ashtanga style.
Power YogaA fast paced vinyasa class including upper body
strengtheners and arm balances. Each yoga class
includes pranayama (proper yogic breathing techniques),
asana (postures) and meditation.

** Natalie also teaches 2 1/2 hour
Power Yoga Workshops
at your site - Inquire Now! **
Teacher Training Program

Natalie has also created a Power Yoga Teacher Training Program for teachers who are ready to take their students
to a new level. This Training Program is structured to the individual studio's needs, and is also a wonderful compliment
to a teachers' certification program.

Power Yoga Program includes instruction in the following:

Ujaii breathing, bandhas, creative vinyasa sequences, modifications and add-ons, adjustments and alignment,
flow-throughs, qualities of an Ashtanga teacher and more!

Price to be determined per studio.
Yoga to Go Corporate Yoga Programs!Join Natalie in a 1 hour class, at your site, where you will
learn proper breathing exercises, postures, and meditation
to take you through the course of your day! Learn poses to awaken the energy, build courage and motivation, process
the day's events and restore you after the end of a long day. This class is guaranteed to inspire co-workers to a more harmonious and productive work environment through the practice of yoga.