Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice
Summer Solstice – June 21 or 22

Now is the time to practice Midsummer Magick! Summer Solstice, known as midsummer, or Litha, is the longest day of the year usually occurring on June 21 or 22. The sun has reached its peak and is in full, brilliant, glory before making its slow descent into darkness. This is a joyous time and a time to purify and remove blocks and obstacles in your life. The Goddess is heavily pregnant. The veil between the worlds is thin at this time, creating a portal to an otherworldly realm where magick and fairies abound. This is an excellent time for divination.

This ritual will include a guided meditation that magically transports you to Stonehenge on the plain of Salisbury in England, and creating a small, personal bonfire to invoke the qualities of the sun and purify the mind, body and emotions.

All rituals written and performed
by “Fox” Natalie Maisel