Beltane – April 30 and May 1

Beltane celebrates the glory of Spring and the flourishing of new life on the planet. This is the time that the Goddess manifests as Flora, or Queen of May and the God manifests as the Jack in the Green. Fertility, sensuality and growth are the themes of this high sabbat. Bel means “fire” and Belinos is a Sun God whose feast we honor at this time. The maypole, a masculine figure, and the ribbons, a feminine representation, symbolize the unity and sacred marriage of the God and Goddess at this turning point of the wheel. It was a traditional Celtic custom to bathe in the first morning water on May morning; this could be derived from dew, a spring, or a flowing stream.

This ritual will include a guided meditation to reflect on the things you would like to “marry” in your life to promote positive change and a ceremony of braiding colored ribbons to tie in your magick.

All rituals written and performed
by “Fox” Natalie Maisel