De-stress with Massage

A massage is a very relaxing and quiet way to calm down stress, anxiety, and relax sore muscles. It is an easy way to escape the pressure, hustle and bustle, and fast pace style of our every day living. After 10 minutes of a relaxing massage can actually reduce any kind of inflammation, and can also help your body to recover. A study has shown that, in 2007, that a quarter of Americans have had at least one massage in the span of a year. The therapeutic styles of massage has been practiced for at least thousands of years. There are many who link massages to the New Age movement, but massage is used for many purposes. Massages are increasingly being used as an aphrodisiac and men are reported to be using them with their partner as an alternative to male enhancement pills to boost libido in the bedroom. As well as romance, massage therapy is still more commonly used for relaxation, mental health benefits, health wellness reasons, pain, stress, and sleep.

Massages can relieve the stress hormone, that your body produces, and can help to relieve depression in the body and help depression from flaring up. Statistics have shown that 8 out of 10 people suffer from serious back pain. A rub down of the muscles in your back can improve and ease the pain. Many people use a massage as a Massagesource of relief from back pain. Falling asleep while receiving a massage can help promote a healthy sleep system. We all know that the more sleep a person can get, helps the body restore itself and stay healthy. Therefore, our immune systems stays strong and able to fight off diseases and viruses. There have many reports, that during a woman’s menstrual cycle, if she receives a massage it can help to relieve cramping, bloating, and discomfort during this time of uncomfortable pain and muscle cramps. Just as a massage helps to relieve muscle and back pain, it has also been known to help headaches and chronic migraines. A study has shown, that the person receiving a massage during a migraine or headache, had felt a great deal of relief after. A 30 minute massage a day can help to prevent tension headaches, migraines, and stress headaches. There has been studies recorded to help those with cancer undergoing chemotherapy, to relieve the side effects of this strong medicine. It aides in helping to reduce the feeling of fatigue, anxiety, nausea, pain, and depression in cancer victims. They call massages the “beauty of bodywork.” Whenever you are making a massage appointment, always try to consider it a required piece of your health and wellness plan.

There are many reasons to get a massage, and the benefits are enjoyable as well. If a person would view each massage session as a means for their health and well being, then a majority of people would be making appointments more frequently. There are many who suffer from every day pain and a small 30 minute a day session could help to relieve some of that pain. The more people to realize these wonderful benefits of massages, the more people could enjoy a healthier and stronger life style. Therefore, being able to receive a more well rested sleep at night and a healthier body.