Sage from the Cauldron

Sage from the Cauldron is Fox’s new feature answering your magical questions/dilemmas.

Please feel free to send your questions in and let’s stir the cauldron together!

One question I was recently asked:

“Goddess Fox, I am always, always trying to attract my soul mate, but nothing seems to work.  Can you help”?
A. Mirror Albuquerque, NM

Fox’s response:

“Dear A. Mirror, first of all let’s stop “trying”!  Let’s focus on setting an intention and then releasing it to the Goddess to  help you manifest.   I suggest you begin your attraction on the next new moon, which is a growing time.  Create sacred space for yourself, and perhaps even set up an altar with “2″ of everything and romantic articles, as well as two candles that represent the divine masculine and divine feminine.  Then, literally write down a list of a maximum of “10″ qualities that you would like to attract in your partner.  Light some incense and imagine your qualities and desires radiating out into the universe to attract your mate!  Then consciously release thoughts/feelings of “strive and trying” and anytime you have those old pangs, simply breathe and affirm to yourself “I am now attracting the partner of my dreams”.  Let’s see how the Goddess works in your life now!  And, remember, to attract the partner of your dreams, you need to be that same partner!  Take yourself on “dates” until your mate arrives and court yourself!  Blessed Be!

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